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Windsor Wellness Partnership

The Windsor Wellness Partnership (WWP) is a collective of community members and organizational representatives who work together to assist Windsor in becoming a healthy, thriving community. By working together, WWP addresses specific needs and interests of our community, such as emergency preparedness, community building, mental health, and access to healthy food. WWP was formed in 2011 and is the first local chapter of Sonoma County Health Action. To learn more about the WWP click HERE.

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Windsor Neighborhood Community Program & COPE

The Windsor Neighborhood Community Program (WNCP) helps residents find resources, be better prepared for emergencies, and be more involved with their community. The program includes crime prevention, community building, and implements the successful COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies). To learn more click HERE.

Building Resilience
Stronger Together

The WWP is successful because of people like you who care about their community.

To get involved with any of our focus areas and to get invited to quarterly meetings, contact us.

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