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Get Involved

The WWP is committed to helping develop a healthy, thriving community for all Windsor  residents. The success of our programs and focus areas is achieved because of the passion and generosity of our volunteers.


We invite you to get involved with one of our existing focus areas, the Windsor Neighborhood Community Program, or to propose a new program/focus area. By becoming a volunteer, you will connect with your community, help make it a better place, and meet new people.


Volunteering has also been proven to benefit mental and physical health.

Please contact us if you would like to:

  • Be invited to meetings

  • Receive our community newsletter

  • Join our group of volunteers

  • Become a community partner

  • Sponsor one of our programs


Like our Facebook page to stay informed and be notified about our events.

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The WWP Leadership Team


COPE Community Leader - Diana Borges


Steering Committee Members:

Sue McQuiddy - Chair

Linda Mechner - Co-Chair

Bob Cobb

Rosa Reynoza

Sam Salmon - Town Council Liaison

Montserrat Archila

Chris Canelake

Eric Heitz - WUSD School Board Liaison

Jon Davis - Town of Windsor Liaison

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