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Windsor Neighborhood Community Program

Because Together We Make a Difference

The Windsor Neighborhood Community Program has three core areas it addresses; Emergency Preparedness, Community, and Crime Prevention. The program's goal is to assist Windsor residents in being more resilient, better prepared for emergencies, and more involved with their community.

Participation in WNCP provides opportunities for you to meet your neighbors, build relationships, develop support systems, and obtain critical information.


Emergency Preparedness and Response/COPE
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Community Building

The COPE program is being implemented in Windsor to assist its residents in understanding, preparing for, and responding to emergencies like wildfires, earthquakes, flooding and more. COPE was started in Sonoma County in 2017 and is based on “neighbors helping neighbors”.

One of the most important aspects of COPE is that you and your neighbors will be ready and equipped to assist each other in an emergency when no one else is available to help. By joining Windsor COPE, you will have access to the educational materials, facilitation for neighborhood groups, and up-to-date communications during emergencies. Learn more.

Several activities are sponsored to assist Windsor in becoming a more cohesive community. Suggested activities are listed below. However, each Neighborhood Leader is encouraged to tailor the activities to meet the needs and interests of their neighborhood. Residents can choose to opt in to all or none.


  • Food forest/garden sharing

  • Food insecurities distribution

  • Neighborhood cleanups

  • Neighborhood meetings and parties

  • Reduce waste, save water

  • Holiday parades and contests

Crime Prevention/
Neighborhood Watch Program
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The Town of Windsor has recently experienced an increase in thefts. Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the participation of residents to reduce crime in our community. It involves neighbors working together and getting trained to recognize and report suspicious activity and identify vehicles that are not usually in the area.

A Windsor Community Services Officer will give presentations to your neighborhood group to discuss potential crimes in your area and crime prevention techniques.  For more information about the Neighborhood Watch Program click HERE. To learn how to report suspicious activities and persons click HERE.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about being a neighborhood leader

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