Windsor Neighborhood Community Program

Because Together We Make a Difference

The Windsor Neighborhood Community Program (WNCP) has three core areas that it addresses; Emergency Preparedness and Response, Community Building and Crime Prevention. Our goal is to assist Windsor residents in being more resilient and more involved with their community. To help accomplishing this, the established and proven Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies (COPE) and Neighborhood Watch programs are included as part of WNCP. 


Participation in WNCP provides opportunities for you to meet your neighbors, build relationships, develop support systems, and obtain critical information. The WNCP is managed by the WNCP Coordinator who also acts as the COPE Community Leader. The WNCP Coordinator represents the community to agencies and organizations, and is responsible for distribution and collection of information. The coordinator communicates information, educational opportunities, and upcoming community activities to Windsor residents participating in the program via Neighborhood Leaders. More information about Neighborhood Leaders is included below. 


WNCP is about community. We welcome suggestions from our Neighborhood Leaders and other participants on how to improve the program or what other activities could benefit Windsor residents. Participation in WNCP is voluntary.

Emergency Preparedness and Response/COPE

The COPE program is being implemented in Windsor to assist its citizens in preparing for and responding to emergencies. COPE is a grassroots effort built on the concept of “neighbor helping neighbor”, engaging communities in emergency preparedness education, advocacy, and planning. COPE fosters community preparedness in coordination with public safety agencies, non-profits, and non-governmental agencies. The Windsor COPE group is part of COPE Northern Sonoma County, which  works closely with Healdsburg Fire, NoSoCo Fire (formerly Geyserville Fire), Sonoma County Fire (Windsor), Cal Fire, Sonoma County Department of Emergency Services, Supervisor Gore, and other groups.  There are currently over 30 groups in COPE Northern Sonoma  County. More details about the COPE Northern Sonoma County program can be found at  


Why participate in COPE? COPE provides knowledge of what to do in an emergency and how to do it, which will give you more confidence in dealing with emergencies. The COPE program is endorsed by fire departments and government agencies. The COPE Northern Sonoma County leadership group meets monthly so that the latest information can be relayed to residents participating in the COPE groups. During an emergency, first responders inform COPE Northern Sonoma County leadership of emergency situations/conditions, which in turn is distributed to Windsor residents participating in COPE. Everyone who participates in WNCP will receive a Windsor COPE Resident Guidebook that helps residents develop individual and neighborhood response plans.


A Neighborhood Leader is the person who provides residents at 10 to 20 houses with information, such as emergency preparedness, process and procedures before, during and after emergency events. Each leader also assists in the collection of survey information for each neighborhood resident. The duties and responsibilities of the Neighborhood Leader, which can be shared with a Co-Leader are outlined in the COPE Handbook.

Community Building

Several activities are planned to assist Windsor in becoming a more cohesive community. Suggested activities are listed below. However, each Neighborhood Leader is encouraged to tailor the activities to meet the needs and interests of their neighborhood.


  • Food insecurities distribution

  • Neighborhood cleanups

  • Neighborhood meetings and parties

  • Reduce waste, save water

  • Garden sharing

  • Holiday parades and contests

Crime Prevention/
Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch Program is a crime prevention program that enlists the participation of citizens to reduce crime in their community. It involves neighbors working together and getting trained to recognize and report suspicious activity and identify vehicles that are not usually in the area.


As part of the WNCP, a Windsor Community Services Officer will give a presentation to your neighborhood to discuss potential crimes in your area and crime prevention techniques.  For more information about the Neighborhood Watch Program click HERE. To learn how to report suspicious activities and persons click HERE

Want to be a Neighborhood Leader or Help Implement the Program? 

Contact WNCP Coordinator

Contact the WNCP Coordinator if you would like to be a Neighborhood Leader, volunteer to help implement WNCP, or if you have any questions about the program. You can also sign up to be a Neighborhood Leader by completing this form.

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