Focus Areas

The Windsor Wellness Partnership focuses on specific areas of community need and interest. We call these areas "Focus Areas (FA)." Currently there are five main FAs.

Access To Healthy Food


We want to get healthy food into the hands of more people, including kids and seniors. We work with the Windsor schools, and with local food pantries, to do so. We want more gardens in Windsor, and to make it easier (more convenient, less expensive) for fresh produce to get to the consumers’ plate.

Mental Health Resources

We've created a practical and comprehensive resource guide for mental health services in and around Windsor, in both English and Spanish:

Know Your Numbers/Health Education Resource Hub

The idea of Know Your Numbers (KYN) is to inspire people to become informed of their key health indicators of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and BMI. When people are informed, they are likely to be more proactive about their health. In addition to the KYN campaign, we are developing a health education hub to help people find the resources they need to make improving health easier and more.

Healthy policies


We want to help our Town Council to put the idea of "Health in all policies" into practice.

Healthy Retail


We are working with the sixteen groceries and markets in Windsor that sell food. We want to improve the quantity, quality, and visibility of healthy offerings while not hurting the bottom line. We want small neighborhood markets to reduce the prominence of alcohol, tobacco, sugary drinks, and junk food.

More FAs are added as interest and capacity grow. Forming focus areas include Adult advocacy, Marketing and Promotion for the WWP, and Community Engagement.

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